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Fluorescent Lamp X-Ray film viewers

LQD-3B Fluorescent Lamp X-Ray film viewers

The result of industrial X-ray photography crack detection is due to the information provided by the radical negative film. According to the related standard, the negative film is an important step in radical crack detection. In order to promote the sensitivity and guarantee the quality of negative film, we have to promote the blackness of negative film. And the strong light film viewer is necessary.

To meet the rapid development of nondestructive industry, perfect the crack detection device, and the customers' demands, our company uses the home-produced LQD-3A cold lamp-house strong light film viewer with the strongest light more than 130000lux. This can meet the demand of viewing high blackness negative film can help to see clearly cracks on 3.5 blackness negative film.
LQD-3B series film viewer uses effective electronic starting-up system. It is ideal device for viewing negative film. It has a lot of advantages, like stable, convenient to take ,easy to operate, short time to start-up and etc.

It can be widly used in machinery, chemical, ship-building, boiler, and electric.

Technology Specification:

  • Strongest light: >130000lux

  • Power: 220V+-10% 50HZ

  • Uniformity coefficient: g=0.7 

  • Consumed power: <160W

  • Surface temperature:40oC 

  • Dimension:460*130*155mm  

  • Observation window: 300*80mm

  • Weight: 8.5Kg

  • size of light mask: 200*45mm and 50*10mm

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