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Portable 4.5x17" screen Industrial LED Film Viewers

FV-2010 PLUS Portable 4.5x17" screen Industrial LED Film Viewers

Electronic Light mask - World First

Traditionally we use a series of metallic light masks which are mount on the surface of film viewers. It is inconvenient when you replace the light masks when you want to change the size of light, and energy waste because it just mask the light where you do not need, but the entire light screen is still turn on.

Electronic light mask is electronics controlled, the light screen is divided into 6 parts, you can turn on or turn off each parts of light screen by press one key. With the help of it, you just turn on the area you need, it will be convenient when you change the size of light, low heat and low energy cost.


  • Larger window size: 400×100mm (15.8×4 inch); 400×85mm(15.8×3.3 inch) are available.

  • Max. Luminance:≥130,000Cd/M2(408,200Lux)

  • Electronic light masking(world first)

  • Low noise: Fan with temperature depended

  • 2 years free service guarantee

  • CE Approved

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