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The Foundrax Model 134 with standard equipment and usual accessories will cover over almost all portable Brinell hardness testing applications and Foundrax have supplied thousands of these machines to satisfied users over many years.

The Foundrax Model MHMA transportable Brinell hardness tester allows the user to test very large components without the need to move them to the test machine. The MHMA is available as a frame only and is compatible with the King Brinell portable test head.


The Foundrax DHT-100 rebound hardness tester is a simple pocket size device which tests material hardness using the Leeb method and then offers the user a range of converted values to indicate the approximate equivalent hardness in other hardness scales such as Brinell, Rockwell and Vickers.

The portable Brinell hardness tester makes an authentic and accurate Brinell hardness test in whatever location and on whichever plane it is used.


  • Applies the full 29 420N (3000kgf) test force on a 10mm ball - other test forces and indenters available

  • Applies the full test force with an accuracy of 0.5%

  • May be equally well used as a bench machine with the workpiece being placed on the anvil in the usual manner or as a portable machine taken to the workpiece where it is then clamped onto it like a G clamp.

  • The machine may be used in any position – the internal design of the test head allows the Model 134 to be used in any location or orientation and remain accurate.

The Foundrax Model 134 portable Brinell hardness tester has a proven track record and is extremely robust. These machines have been reliably used all over the world for over half a century in the industries such as defence, aerospace, oil, steel, mining and general engineering, as well as in foundries, forges steelworks and heat treatment plants.

Many thousands of these machines are in use around the world, some are over 40 years old and still give reliable service.

The standard model 134 portable Brinell hardness tester consists of a 29 420N (3000kgf) capacity test head mounted in a high quality base, the test head is then hand wound up and down within in the base to adjust the test height.

This configuration enables large and cumbersome items to be quickly and correctly Brinell hardness tested wherever they are, for example:

  • On the shop floor

  • In the yard

  • In a machine tool

  • At another factory

  • On an oil rig

  • On a pipeline

  • On a construction site (for example testing steel structures that have been subject to heat, such as in a fire damaged building)

The standard equipment with the usual accessories and adaptors will cover over almost all Brinell hardness testing applications without further accessories however special adapters can be supplied if required. All Foundrax Model 134 portable Brinell hardness tester accessories are also suitable for use with the King Brinell portable Brinell hardness tester.

The Brinell indentation is then measured in the conventional way using a Foundrax BRINscope manual Brinell microscope or Foundrax BRINtronic automatic Brinell microscope.

The portable Brinell hardness tester is supplied with a UKAS certificate of calibration and makes an authentic and accurate Brinell hardness test in whatever location and on whichever plane it is used.

For over 60 years Foundrax have specialised in Brinell Hardness Testing and are recognised worldwide as experts in the field.

Foundrax offer a unique full range of Brinell Hardness Testing products, including market-leading automation of both indention and measurement. The machines carry out the authentic Brinell test, guaranteeing users conformity with all national and international standards including ISO6506 and ASTM E10. Foundrax machines are robustly built to provide laboratory accuracy in the harshest industrial environments and are used all over the world.

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