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The B-Gage is an easy to use and economical hand held variable velocity ultrasonic thickness meter.


Typical application materials include: metals, plastic glass, ceramics and any material which will satisfactorily conduct ultrasound.

Sonagage IV

The Sonagage IV is ideal for the operator that tests a few different materials regularly and contains 8 velocities of common materials and two velocities that the user can set using a simple software program.


Typical applications include: Corrosion & Pitting, Tube & Pipe, Tanks & Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Storage Tanks, Ship Hulls, Glass & Plastic.

T-Gage V Series

The T-Gage V series encompasses a range of hand held ultrasonic instruments that are specifically designed to measure the remaining wall thickness of primary steel structures.


There are three levels of models; the T-Gage VB, T-Gage V and the T-Gage VDL. A colour display (C) or A/B-Scan functionality (W) can be added to the T-Gage V & VDL, by simply adding C or W to the model number. The T-Gage V series offers features that make your job simpler and interpretation of on site data faster and easier to interpret.

Typical applications include: Boiler Tubes, Pressure Vessels, Storage Tanks, Ship Hulls, Containers, OIl Tanks, Pipes, Steam Lines, Compressors, Shafts, Bridge Pins, Bond Inspection.

Microgage III Series

The Microgage III Series of portable precision thickness gauges are available with monochrome and colour displays, with or without A-Scan capability.


All instruments across the range are field upgradeable, allowing the operator to opt for extra features further down the line, without returning the instrument to the factory.

Sonacoat III

The Sonacoat III is compact and lightweight with multifunctional menu driven performance for fast, practical and precise Coating Thickness Measurement with separate exchangeable probes.


It can be used for all types of varnish, paint and electroplated coatings on iron and steel and non-ferrous metals and on austenitic stainless steels.

Sonacoat Easy FN

The Sonacoat Easy FN is designed for flat, practical and accurate non destructive coating thickness measurement.


A dual purpose innovative gauge used for measurement on steel and non-ferrous metals with automatic substrate recognition, activating the appropriate measuring procedure.

Sonacoat Easy F

The Sonacoat Easy F measures the thickness of coatings on steel up to 1.4 mm.


Ideal for Paint and Powder coatings, Paint Shops, Automotive and Ship Building e.g. verification of zinc coatings under paintwork.

Sonacoat P

The Sonacoat P provides fast, non-destructive, accurate coating measurements on steel and non-ferrous metals.


It is not only paintwork thickness and other coatings you can measure. You can also obtain valuable information concerning the coating structure, such as paint top coats or body fillers. When measured thickness value clearly exceeds the standard paintwork thickness, this would indicate the use of filler material for repair work or repainting.

Ideal for car dealers, paint shops and inspectors.

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