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The AA Handheld XRF comes in various Models. it can be calibrated to work for various applications. Mineral Exploration and Surveying, Alloy Analysis, Precious Metals Analysis, ROHS/WEEE Analysis.

PMI apparat
PMI apparat

Performance Advantage

  • Small, light and easy to carry.

  • High-speed processing chip, advanced algorithm and high-responsive software, resulting in even faster analysis.

  • High-performance X-ray Tube, Ultra-high Resolution Detector combined with Digital Multi-channel Processing Technology, yielding super-high detection resolution.

  • Indicator lights flash on both sides for safety purposes during measurement, i.e., the built-in double beam technology will automatically sense whether there is a sample at the measurement window.

  • Industrial resistive touch screen, superior to capacitor screen in back-light and clearer against sunlight in the field. At the same time, people don't need to take off gloves when they are operating machine in some particular environment.

  • AA Handheld XRF utilizes anti-slip, abrasion resistance and streamlined design, which is light and easy to carry. It also integrates the new high speed digital multi-channel technology, the new library grade base identification system and the super-FP algorithm. These features allow it to measure elements faster, with higher accuracy and greater repeatability.

  • Intelligent battery management exerts a real-time monitoring of the residual capacity of battery and backup battery through MSBUS bus.

  • Automatic switch to standby mode when not used and recovery after the machine is picked up, which saves power and extends working time; moreover, AA Handheld XRF has a gravity sensing system which shuts down instrument automatically when it accidentally falls down, another safety consideration; AA Handheld XRF will also give out alarm when ambient temperature or humidity exceeds the scope of application.

  • AA Handheld XRF adjusts air pressure factor automatically based on altitude it has detected. This function increases excitation effect of light elements by 40% and that of rare earth elements by 30%.

  • AA Handheld XRF is built with double beam technology which can automatically sense whether there is a sample at the measurement window. This is also a safety and protection feature. The brightness of the display of AA Handheld XRF is automatically regulated according to environment brightness.

  • AA Handheld XRF can build a three dimensional element content distribution graph allowing for a fast estimate of mineral reserves or the extent of geological disaster with the built-in GPS for latitude and longitude reading combined with a 3rd party GIS analysis software.

  • New algorithm optimizes the spectral resolution, so lower detection limits can be achieved, which are comparable with even large-scale lab instruments.

  • Environmental sensing system covering conditions such as temperature, dust humidity and others.


  • Radiation Safety Guarantee.

  • Low power (4W) X-ray tube, mini collimator reduces radiation quantity effectively.

  • X-ray tube radiation protection shield avoids X-ray escape.

  • The structure producing radiation is all in equipment interior, you don't need to align or calibrate X ray, then ensure not detect any measurable radiation in equipment operation process.

  • Independent safe circuit and Double Beam interlock tool can protect user safety effectively.

XRF handheld portable x-ray
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