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14×17 inch Industrial X Ray LED film viewer

FV-2014 14×17 inch Industrial X Ray LED film viewer

FV-2014 looks like a fashion LCD, but it is a really High luminance LED Industrial film viewer. It combines our newest electronic technology and most reliable LED driven circuit. Thanks to it, this viewer can view film density up to 3.8 H/D, and can be operated 24 hours continuously.

Electronic light mask

FV-2014 not only support 14” * 17” film, but also support any film size. Because FV-2014 do have a strong LED switch control. Under its help, you can switch on or off any parts of area in the viewer window.


  • 16.1” × 13” window size (fit 17” × 14” film)

  • Electronic light mask in vertical and horizontal - World First

  • Rugged viewer feet, support any angle and wall mount

  • Max. Luminance:≥82,8,000Cd/M2(260,000Lux)

  • Smart cooling system, Fan with temperature depended

  • 2 years free service guarantee

  • CE Approved

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