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Intelligent LED Film Viewer + Densitometer

FV-2009T Intelligent LED Film Viewer + Densitometer

FV-2009T is not simply merge view and densimeter together, but integrate two revolutionary units together, and complement each other.

Not only saves you valuable desktop space, but also get rid of the disadvantage of traditional B&W densitometer, which aiming point is not convenient, then can't measure the density of large size film. Use of luminous surface of viewer as the initial intensity light source for the densitometer, measure where as you touch with pen type probe, convenient and intuitive.


  • Portable LED film viewer combine with Densitometer

  • High Luminance:≥l20,000 Cd/m²

  • Density:≥4.1H/D

  • Viewing Screen:8’X 2.5’(200 X 60mm)

  • High Accuracy:±0.02D

  • Program Mode for customer calibration(patent technology)

  • Separated design,easy for maintaince

  • Rugged design.whole alloy aluminium

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