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Røntgenfilm og fremkallermaskin


for consistent high quality non-destructive Testing

Fujifilm industrial X-ray film(IX Film) features revolutionary new film technology. The combination of the latest emulsion making science and computerized manufacturing process assure consistent batch to batch performance, optimum image quality and compatibility with all NDT chemicals and manual / automatic processing conditions.

The IX Film incorporates unique speed and grain technologies that allow its usage over a wide range of applications with consistent high quality, regardless of the testing material and the radiation source.

Digital Detector Array

DynamIx FXR, FXR Pad

100 μm pitch resolution exposure and excellent productivity for conducting a large number of tests.

Digital Detector Array "DynamIx FXR"


Easy to install in an existing radiography cabinet or walk-in exposure room.

The DynamIx FXR System provides 100μm pixel pitch capable of energy levels up to 15 MeV and the large active area of 16" x 16". It improves productivity significantly for high volume inspections with exceptional image quality powered by FUJIFILM image processing technology.

Digital Detector Array "DynamIx FXR Pad"

The Dynamix FXR Pad is designed tob exceed demanding inspection requirements and provide real time imaging during firld RT applications.

FXR Pad family of light weight detectors share exceptional high resolution imaging coupled with water resistant features. Inspection effeciency is improved even in harsh environments with immediate image evaluations.

Computed Radiography System

DynamIx HR2, Imaging plate

CR system offering high-resolution readings from 25 μm pitch to 100 μm pitch.

DynamIx HR2 allows a small workspace by keeping the IP insertion/ejection in the front of the image reader.


The image reader receives an IP and ejects it from the front. This unique design makes it possible to read IPs of up to 152 cm long in a narrow space. A sequence of operations can be carried out in the same place with just a few actions.

The Special Cut IP System*1 offering IPs tailored to test objects


New special tools for using IPs of various shapes, available in three types. DynamIx Special Cut IP System provides an IP optimally shaped for an inspection object. To utilize IPs of various shapes, special tools have been developed dramatically reducing limitations. Now a variety of objects can be inspected at high accuracy.

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