Smart Handhold LED Industrial Film Viewer Li Battery Powered

FV-2013 Smart Handhold LED Industrial Film Viewer
Li Battery Powered

FV-2013 Handhold LED Industrial Film Viewer probably be the first one that don't need an external power supply on the market at present, but with built in lithium battery powered. And its luminance also reached 110,000 Cd/m2, can easily observe the film with 4.0 D density.

FV-2013 Handy LED Industrial Film Viewer is a blend of all the characteristics of FV series LED Viewers, on this basis even more, using the newest temperature control technology. The viewer can automatically detect the inner real-time temperature, and according to the high or low temperature, adjust the speed of the fan, if above the warning temperature, then its luminance of viewer will be automatically reduced (4.0 density film still can be viewed).

And at the time of shutdown, based on the viewer temperature value to determine whether to let the fans continue to work or not automatically, in order to cool the unit temperature down to a reasonable degree as soon as possible.


  • Superb Portable, Single-Hand Operation, Li Battery Powered, Overall Weight Only 1kg

  • Max. Luminance>110,000Cd/m2

  • Viewing Film Density> 4.0D

  • Viewer Screen Size: 6"×1.8" (150×45mm)

  • Waterproof Protection IP55, Viewing Wet Film Directly

  • Intelligent Auto-Temperature Control System, Over-Temperature Protection

  • Two Years Warranty, More Care For You

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