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Compatible with latest Sonatest Masterscan and Sitescan series instruments, UTLity is a PC-based software providing everything you need to manage your inspection data as well as your instruments.



Is a FREE version which gives the technician the ability to view, move and manage Calibrations, A-Scans, B-Scans and Thickness Logs both on the instrument and on the PC. With this version, it is also possible to create customised inspection report templates, cut and paste information to other applications and create printable pdf documents.

Main functionalities include:

  • Load, store, manage files both on the PC and on a connected flaw detector;

  • Save, analyse, colour code and export Thickness logging data to spreadsheets/asset management software;

UTLity Pro

Is the "professional" option and works in conjunction with the Corrosion Software option of an instrument providing the end user with the ability to create and manage inspection plans, location notes, historical thickness readings and other asset management information as required.

Main functionalities include:

  • Set up inspection plan (grid) templates, notes and labels;

  • Import previous readings into an inspection plan;

  • Export inspection plan data to a spreadsheets or to plant maintenance databases.

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