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Magnetometer - Teslameter

Teslameter M-Test MK4


Teslameter M-Test MK4 - A Universal measuring device for magnetic fields.

  • Universal measuring device for measurements in the air gap or on hard-to-reach areas  with < 1 mm thin tangential probe.

  • Measures magnetic flux density of permanent magnets escaping from the surface.

  • Two switchable units: kA/m, mT.

  • Magnetic fields measurable up to +/- 2 Tesla.

  • Automatic switching between direct and alternating magnetic fields.

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Universal measuring device used to measure magnetic fields

Static or dynamic magnetic fields are detected and measured precisely with the teslameter M-Test MK4. The < 1 mm thick tangential probe allows accurate, selective measurements at hard-to-reach places, in air gaps or on surfaces. The M-Test MK4 is especially suited for measuring
permanent magnets or ferromagnetic small parts.


The immediately responding color LED directly indicates magnetism when the probe travels over the surface of the part. The “Peak Hold” function is controlled with the push button on the probe body; it makes it possible to easily find and define the places with the highest field strength for each polarity.

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