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Elotest PL600

Pioneering eddy current testing!


The ELOTEST PL600 is a digital eddy current test instrument which leaves no wish unfulfilled. A flexible software system allows components to be inserted which are customised for each application, so that the operation can be carried out quickly and reliably. A licensing system allows you to match the performance of the device to the task and makes it a safe investment at an affordable entry price. A solid concept for replacement parts and service reduces operating and maintenance costs and enables maximum availability.

  • Maximum stability with unsurpassed signal purity for best results with classical eddy current and harmonic analysis.

  • Suitable for all types of eddy current testing: Crack, heat treatment, material mix-up and grinding burn testing.

  • Maximum test reliability through comprehensive system and sensor monitoring.

  • Application-specific user interfaces for simplest operation.

  • Full integration through extensive I/O functions with fieldbus connection.

  • Modular design allows flexible expansion with easy maintenance.

  • Frequency range from 10 Hz to 12 MHz.

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