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Elotest M6

The new world of Eddy current testing! 

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The new hand-held ELOTEST M6 makes an impression thanks to an integrated C-Scan function for array probes and rotor applications. It is the first handheld device, which provides an analysis of the harmonic wave for testing metallic materials for changes in the microstructure, hardness and strength.

With the ELOTEST M6, you hold the most innovative hand-held test instrument in its class in your hands. Whether it is used horizontally as a desktop device or vertically as a hand-held device, it offers complete flexibility in one instrument.
Right-handed or left-handed – any personal habit of the user is considered.

The 7″ touch screen gives you a comprehensive and flexible overview of your test result. With the 3-fold multi-touch, you have your finger on the pulse and the tester can thus be operated in any situation.
Always on hand: reference standards directly on the test instrument. Individually, depending on the test requirement, the reference parts can be exchanged.

Portable state-of-the-art Eddy Current testing with ELOTEST M6


Multiplex of 256 sensors max., for example with the latest array technology and with an external Mini-Mux integrated in the sensor. C-Scan display for array probes and rotor applications.

IP 67

The device is dustproof and to a limited extent waterproof. It has the corresponding IP protection class so that it can be temporarily immersed in water to a maximum depth of 1 meter for a maximum of 30 mins.


Protection class IP67 makes ELOTEST M6 best suited for offshore operation.


Touch display – can be operated intuitively, even when wearing work gloves. An test instrument that does not require any keys. User-friendly software.
Can be directed vertically or horizontally for flexible applications. Can be operated with the right or with the left hand.


Total weight of the test instrument,
including a powerful, quickly replaceable battery with up to 8 h service life. A replacement battery can be comfortably carried in a belt pack.

ELOTEST M6 makes it possible to test directly on site and to view the reports immediately.

Last ned brosjyre/teknisk spesifikasjon

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