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Cylindrical Parts

Eddy current crack detection on cylindrical components


This system inspects the lateral surface of cylindrical components in throughfeed very quickly, precisely and
gently, using rotating probes.

• Throughput: 10 parts/s, conveying speed 100 mm/s, optionally faster
• Spectrum of parts: standard 1.5 mm < Ø <5 mm, 5 < l < 30 mm, optionally longer and up to Ø 10 mm
• Typical defect specification: longitudinal cracks 0.05 mm deep x 0,05 mm wide x 3,0 mm long,
transverse defects etc.
• Outfeed of sorted good and reject parts as bulk goods, optionally with container changer
• Changeover to different part length within seconds
• Conversion to different part diameters within a few minutes


Compact dimensions: 850 mm wide, 600 mm deep, 1.800 mm high

Automatic testing system for 100% crack detection in axles, shafts and piston


Compact machine design as standalone or in line machine


  • Cycle time: approx. 6 m/min

  • Spectrum of parts: length 100 mm - 600 mm; exterior diameter 8 mm x 25 mm

  • Conversion time approx: 5 min

  • Sorting Automatic, NIO.-parts

  • Spectrum of defects: longitudinal cracks

  • Automatic slot bypass

Detail: Inspection station for automatic crack detection


Rohmann inspection probe
• Inspection track 2 x 5 mm or customised
• Eddy current test instrument ELOTEST IS500
• Parts feed-in over special drive rollers
• Platen rollers with quick conversion device

Semi-automatic inspection of sleeves and turned parts

Cylindrical testing.png

This compact and modular designed system closes the gap between a hand-held device and a fully automatic Inspection system.

  • Table mounting, weight approx: 15 kg, connection 220 V, integrated SPS Spindle speed 600 rpm (optionally adjustable), axis feed rate1-100 mm/s (optionally fater)

  • Test parts Ø 5 - 20 mm, length 15 - 120 mm (can be mounted on a spike), with optional tailstock (can be fixed between tips)

  • Inspection task: Surface defects on the cylindrical lateral surface, with optional link mechanism or optional second axle as well as contours, testable

  • Options: Foot switch, tailstock manual or automatic, connection to automation (e.g. robots), link mechanism, second axle


Fully automatic inspection of rotation-symmetrical parts


Inspection of bolts, shafts, sleeves and guides

• Fully automatic inspection system for surface crack detection with integrated measurement of length and diameter
• Test parts Ø 5 - 30 mm, length 20 - 120 mm
• Throughput speed 6 m/min for 1-channel inspection
• Inspection task:

  • Surface defects, transverse and circumferential cracks from 50 μm depth x 50 μm width x 3.0 mm length

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