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Dose Rate Alarm Units

GammaSmart one/two

Dose rate alarm units for the personal radiation protection when handling ionising radiation


  • The doe rate alarm units GammaSmart one/two are very robust, battery operated and easy to handle pocket-sized dose rate alarm units designed for the personal radiation protection.

  • The GamaSmart one (see picture) is also approved for the use in potentially explosive atmospheres of zone 1.

  • Both detect gamma radiation and X-rays, indicating these with clear optical and  acoustical single pulses. An increasing dose rate leads to an increasing pulse rate.

  • The splashproof aluminium housing (IP54) ensures a shielding against electromagnetic influence. An optical battery control indicates the GammaSmart's readiness for use.

  • A plastic clip is used for attaching the instrument to the clothing.

  • Option:
    GammaSmart one/two V40 with a dose rate alarm threshold at 40 µSv/h.

Fields of application:

NDT, Industry, Mining, Offshore, Refineries, Chemical Industry, Civil Protection, other explosion endangered areas

Dose Rate Alarm Lamp GWL 10m

Gamma warning lamp with adjustable alarm thresholds for room monitoring and for the determination of restricted areas.


  • The GWL10m is an accumulator operated, self-contained dose rate alarm unit for the detection of gamma radiation and X-rays with four alarm thresholds, triggering optical and acoustic alarm when being exceeded. The acoustic alarm can be switched off, if required.

  • The instrument, designed for operations in "heavy-duty" environments,
    is EMC-proof and equipped with a robust and splashproof housing.
    The GWL10m is preferably used for room monitoring and for the determination of restricted areas where a given dose rate has been achieved.

  • The GWL10m is supplied together with a recharger unit for recharging the built-in accumulator.


Optional accessories

  • robust tripod

  • special version with motion sensor triggering an acoustic alarm when a person approaches towards a danger zone with increased radiation level

Fields of application:

NDT, Fire Brigades, Civil Defence, Nuclear Technology, Industry


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